Printing Services for Churches

We make it easy to market your church

We understand that your church needs a lot of things to operate smoothly and grow. Traditional printing like business cards, envelopes and letterhead are a given. But it's also important to get the word out to the neighborhood on upcoming events or special sermons. Our staff at Enterprise Print Media helps churches with postcard mailings of all kinds. Not only can we design, print and mail the postcards, we will help you target the households around you that you want to hit!  This is a very affordable way to reach new families in  your community. 


Tithing envelopes and donation envelopes

When we  started in 1972 as a specialty envelope printer, tithing and offering envelopes were a signature product. Fast forward 50 years and churches and nonprofits have continued to be a large customer base of ours. We produce more tithing envelopes and donation envelopes than anyone else in West Michigan. With our expertise and volumes you are sure to find savings. 

Most tithing envelopes that we produce for churches are one of the 3 following types. 

6-3/4 Regular Envelope

Despite the name, this envelope is sized 3-5/8" x 6-1/2" which fits a check perfectly. Most of the time we print across the front of the envelope with a design that allows the donor to write in certain information. An example of this is the picture with the blue printing. 

tithe envelopes.png

6-3/4 Remittance Flap Envelope

This envelope measures the same size as the 6-3/4 regular envelope when the flap is closed (3-5/8" x 6-1/2"). However, the difference is the oversized flap. Remittance flap envelopes have flaps that are almost the size of the entire envelope body. This is a very popular envelope for nonprofits and churches because not only will it fit a check inside, it also allows for credit card information to be filled out on the back of the envelope. Then, the large flap comes down to conceal that information making it a secure way to donate by check or credit card. There is also added real estate allowing for images, a short story or branding efforts. An example is the picture with the black printing and the large flap. 

#9 Remittance Flap Envelope

This envelope is just like the 6-3/4 Remittance Flap except it is larger. This envelope measures 3-7/8" x 8-7/8" when the flap is closed down. 

Wall decals, signs and more!

Some of our favorite projects are designing, producing and installing wall graphics! Having a bible verse, logo or church motto is a great way to spruce up the walls of your building and nursery rooms. The best part is the graphics are not permanent and can be removed without damaging the walls!


After your printing and building are looking professional and modern, we can outfit your staff with affordable and comfortable apparel! T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and more. 

We specialize in producing all types of banners, flags and signage. As a one stop shop, we can make all kinds of displays to help get the message out!

Feather Flag.JPG