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Since day one back in 1972, Enterprise has been a go to source for financial institutions in Michigan and across the midwest. We started out as an expert in producing banking envelopes and financial institutions quickly learned that we could produce all their banking envelope needs at costs that were much more affordable than they were used to.  Fast forward to today and our relationship with local and regional financial institutions continues to grow. We are still the best source for all your drive thru envelopes, teller envelope and all banking related envelopes, but we have expanded greatly to service all your print marketing needs. Our clients range from single branch institutions to credit unions with 50+ branches. 

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The challenges

We understand the challenges facing your marketing and operations teams. Supplying multiple branches the printing and branded materials they need in a timely fashion can be a daunting task. The first challenge is balancing the budget with the space on hand. Ordering a several month supply is most cost efficient when dealing with commonly used products such as letterhead, deposit slips, brochures and envelopes. However, most banks and credit unions are not equipped to store bulk orders of printed materials to keep costs down. They are forced to either sacrifice savings for space or sacrifice space for savings. 

Second, there are the logistical difficulties faced with keeping every branch stocked with what they need. Depending on the size of the institution, it can feel like a full time job just managing requests and fulfilling the requests of each location. Someone then needs to coordinate a delivery to each branch which can quickly become expensive and inconvenient. 

Communication bottlenecks can create an entirely different set of challenges. Lets say a branch manager has a request for some business cards for a new employee hired. An email is sent off to the marketer who is in charge for ordering.  The marketer then reaches out to the company they work with for business cards. A day  goes by until a proof is finally created and sent back to the marketer who then needs to send it on to the appropriate contact. Another day goes by before the branch manager approves the proof and lets the marketer know all is good. Finally, the marketer can give the green light to the printer.  Not only a huge pain, but this process is expensive and ripe for errors. Each step is at risk of a typo, a misinterpretation or any number of human errors that can result in a misprint or a wrong order quantity. Multiply this ordering bottleneck by dozens of orders and products and you can quickly see the costs associated.

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Our services are tailored to address your challenges. We have listened to the needs of our banking clients and have created solutions to ease each of the challenges above which has in turn saved our clients considerably.


 1) We offer our warehouse to our clients free of charge to store their printed pieces. Everything from mugs and yard signs to  brochures and envelopes, we will inventory products so you no longer need to sacrifice savings for space. This measure alone has saved clients considerably. 

2) We package and deliver to all of your locations.  Orders big and small can come in at all times and we will manage the inventory and get it out to each location in a timely fashion.  This releases a huge obligation from the marketing and operation teams.

3) To eliminate communication bottlenecks and potential errors, we have developed robust and customized online portals. Your fully custom online portal will be a game changer for your bank or credit union! It is the technology and process that ties all your solutions together to create a streamlined marketing hub for the entire institution. More on this below!

Online Print Marketing Portals

Lock in brand standards

When you manage multiple locations and departments, there runs the risk of brand identity being comprised. One department might order a certain product from one printing company. A different location might order branded promo items from an online source. Before you know it, items have different shades of your logo, slight variations in fonts, etc.  Funneling the print marketing through a centralized hub will guarantee only approved items are ordered and consistency delivered. 

Access 24 hours a day from anywhere

The COVID19 pandemic taught us the importance of being nimble and working remotely. It also exposed risks and inefficiencies in every type of industry. With your own secure online ordering portal, you will be able to access your printed materials for orders and inventory management 24 hours a day and from anywhere with an internet connection!

Reduce Errors

Having your own online portal to place orders takes away many of the human touches that come in to play with ordering products. Fewer human touches means fewer chances for errors throughout the process. Locked in branded templates also eliminates potential design errors. 

A brief preview of a sample online portal

Streamline Purchasing

Your online portal is completely customized to your needs. We can set up order approval plans so branch managers can log in and order what they need for their specific branch. The order can then be sent to you for final approval before being released to us. Each employee's login determines what they can see, do and order. We will meet with you to determine the best processes to set up so your operations are optimally efficient!

Information on Demand

Over time, your portal will amass vital data to help you make informed decisions. With in depth order history reports and inventory tracking, you will be able to see what items are being purchased and used to make better buying decisions in the future! 

Instant Proofing

We wanted to solve the communication bottleneck with ordering. To do this, we equip your portal with customized templates. Does someone need a business card? Type in their information and a print ready proof is generated instantly! Something that used to take a half a day to a half a week is now done in seconds with no back and forth communication!

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"We have an excellent relationship of more than 30 years with Enterprise Envelope and Print Media. They have provided us with dependable service and good products at competitive prices. Enterprise has a friendly and knowledgeable staff that has always gone the extra mile to accommodate us as we grow. We appreciate doing business with them!" - Anne (Financial Institution over 40 branches)

"They have a wide variety of products and services that make running a company easier. They make printing convenient by offering storage solutions. When we are ready to send out a mailing, they have all our envelopes and letterhead on hand. Enterprise Print Media's pride in their company and loyalty to their customers makes them our choice for our printing needs." - Maria (Financial Institution 3 branches)