Printing Services for Municipalities

Savings for your County, City, Township or Village

Enterprise Print Media's parent company, Enterprise Envelope, is one of the largest and oldest envelope companies in the state of Michigan. Because of our experience, specialized equipment, and volumes we manufacture every day, we are able to create savings that other companies cannot match.  We pride ourselves on providing the products that every municipality needs at prices that saves money! 

While it still rings true today that you won't find a better printed envelope supplier, we are proud of our growth in other areas to become a one stop solution provider for your department. Today we produce all kinds of printing to support you. The list on the right is just a small sampling of the common products we sell to dozens of Cities, Townships and Villages across the state. 

Free Storage and Inventory Services

One of the best ways to save money is taking advantage of our free warehousing and inventory services. Often times it can make financial sense to place larger but fewer orders of common products that do not change over time. Envelopes, letterhead, and important phone number magnets are all good examples of products that don't typically change from order to order. Buying at higher quantities allows you to buy products at a lower price. However, most municipalities do not have the room to keep 6 months or a year's worth of printed products in storage. 

Enterprise Print Media offers our warehouse to you free of charge! We will store your orders and deliver manageable quantities to you as needed. You will be provided with timely inventory updates as well. 

This program works great with counties or municipalities that have many different departments that order products - courts, police, tax, assessor, etc.  Departments can pool orders together for significant savings and have Enterprise handle the inventory and delivery. Get in touch with one of our reps today to discuss these opportunities. 

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- Envelopes
- Business Cards
- Checks
- Citation Books
- Letterhead
- M
- Door Hangers
- Banners
- Receipts
- Newsletters
- Mailing Services
- Promotional Give Aways

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