Printing Services for Nonprofits

Great service with a focus on savings

No doubt one of our largest customer sectors is the nonprofit industry. When we began as a specialty envelope producer in 1972, fulfilling nonprofit mailing needs was a key focus. We had volumes, experience and equipment that created valuable savings in the production of envelopes. Because of this, nonprofits became a core customer base of ours that we still service today. 


While we provide much more than just envelopes today, we still focus on savings with all our offerings. We understand that every dollar saved is a dollar going to the mission of your nonprofit. Sometimes savings come from ideas on how to produce a product more efficiently by changing the size or print method. Sometimes savings come from a different way to mail a piece for postage discounts. 


Sometimes savings are created by different ordering patterns and taking advantage of our free storage services. Our team is focused on understanding your needs and then offering ideas to help stretch your dollar. Today we are proud to serve countless nonprofit clients big and small with their printing, mailing and promotional needs because they know they will receive great service and great value! 

Annual reports, newsletters, magazines, fundraising mailings and invitations!

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Communication is key for a nonprofit. Staying in contact with your donors, volunteers and the public deepens relationships and is the baseline for support. You work hard on your mission and your supporters want to know how you are doing and what is happening. Each contact is a valuable opportunity and we understand the importance of your communication efforts. Our experience in the nonprofit sector will assist you in producing beautiful pieces that are affordable.  

Is direct mail new to your organization and not sure where to start? Enterprise Print Media will work with you every step of the way. Even if you are starting from ground zero, we can procure targeted mail lists, help you get set up with the post office and design effective mail pieces to begin your direct mail journey.   

If your organization is more established in direct mail, let us take a look to see where we can help you improve. Our clients have reported quicker turn times, more flexibility and considerable cost savings.  We have a number of solutions designed to help you in one, two or all three of those phases!


Promotional products, event signage and general printing

When your host your fundraising events, Enterprise Print Media is your source for signage and promo items. We specialize in affordable ways to market your events and handouts. Keeping your donors engaged and connected to your organization is important and giveaways are a great way to strengthen that connection.

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"We recently rebranded, and Enterprise Print Media has been a tremendous help in producing our new promotional materials, signage and printing. The quality was GREAT, and they were able to finish our products in record timing. We will definitely be using their services again!" - Sarah & Ragean (Nonprofit Organization)

"There are so many ways businesses can partner with nonprofit organizations to help achieve results. Whether it is meeting our mailing needs or realizing financial efficiencies, Enterprise Print Media has been more than just a printer to us. They understand our project priorities and are willing to work alongside us to help us reach our goals." - Ana (Nonprofit Organization)