(n.) A series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

We believe the process is extremely important in achieving consistent and positive results. While every project is unique, we generally follow these steps: 

1. Research

This is the time for us to soak up all the information we can.  What are the goals of your project? How can this project accomplish those goals best? How does your company's brand and image fit in with this project? 

2. Collaboration

After learning all about you and your goals, it is time to create a road map together. What pieces are needed to achieve this goal? When will certain parts need to be ready? 

3. Design

This is where the vision starts to take shape.  A well designed project perfectly combines end goals with company brand and image.

4. Production

Time for the rubber to meet the road!  Electronic proofs come to life and deadlines are beat.

5. Delivery

Packaged and delivered.  Mailers hit the mail stream, product goes to the location of your choice and campaigns are underway!

6. Analysis

One of the most important phases of any project is measuring success and reviewing. This is critical for future projects and making adjustments as needed.

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