Printing Services for School Systems and Universities

Save money on the products you need

School districts, colleges, and universities need to find ways to save money. At Enterprise Print Media, we specialize in working with schools of all sizes to find savings.  There are a few ways we do this.  

First, our expertise and specialized envelope presses makes us the best source for printed envelopes in Michigan. Schools find that ordering something as simple as their printed envelopes with us is a simple and easy way to save money.  It doesn't stop at envelopes. Business cards, folders, attendance slips, water bottles, lanyards, etc. We work hard to create savings for all your printed and branded needs! When your school needs something printed or branded, we are the best choice. 

Second, we work with you to group departments and locations to gang print your orders. This is a fantastic way to use your collective buying power to achieve lower print costs on all items. We have decades of experience doing this for school districts and can help you coordinate it if this is new to your district or school. 

Finally, we can provide you a custom online ordering portal for the entire district! Imagine being able to login to your own branded site where all your district's print and marketing needs are laid out ready to go.  Each school can have their own section where they can select the items they need and have it delivered directly to them.  Some of the benefits to a system like this includes: 

Lock in brand standards

When schools and departments order products from several different vendors, quality and logo's start to get off brand. Color variations show up. Fonts get changed. Quality can lack. When Enterprise produces all pieces and you can manage it all from the click of a button, quality and brand standards are locked in with one trusted vendor.